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Halloween Hair
If you were sort-of interested in the less-mainstream tv shows I mentioned, here are some trailers to give you an idea of whether you might want to watch:

Propaganda - A Blatant Attempt to Influence YouCollapse )



Halloween Hair
Dear Patrons:

See the three full bookcarts surrounding my chair? See the three separate piles of books/dvds/cds on my desk? I am busy. If you need a book checked out, that's my job. If you need a book renewed, that's my job. If you need a dvd, that's my job.

If you have a computer question? That's the job of the lazy librarian facing away from the computers, doing nothing but surfing the web. GO ASK THEM.

On a related topic, I'm sure you can see that there are three stations at this desk. Two of them are not currently manned. I am sitting at the third one, ready and willing to help you. So why, in the name of all that is holy, would you go and stand at an empty one after you made eye contact with me? And then look irritated when I call you to come down to the part of the desk where I'm seated?

Also, ms-110%-sure-I-returned-that-book, do you know how many patrons pull that crap every day? And how many ninja-drop that book they were eleventy-one!!!110% sure they returned some months later? Hundreds, that's how many. Yep, I found your book on the shelf (because somebody isn't checking stuff in properly, or we have a grabby volunteer), and I apologized. But next time, can you please be a bit less snide? Because I was thisclose to losing my job temper.

Dear I Requested This Yesterday Why Isn't It Here Dude:

1. That item is checked out. It's the only one of them. You have to wait for that other patron to bring it back. Yep, it was due back yesterday. They haven't brought it back yet. You want the director's phone number so you can complain that I'm not giving you the item? Good luck with that. (This went on every day for a week. No exaggeration.)

2. We don't own a teleporter. Yes, that item is marked "shipped". That means it's either a)on a shelf in the back of the owning library, waiting to be picked up, b) on a truck going to a warehouse, or c) sitting in the warehouse waiting to be sorted and shipped back out. It takes at least five days (more if it was tagged to transfer on a Friday, because there's no shipping on Saturday or Sunday.) No, it's not here yet. No, it's not here yet. No, it's not here yet. Oh, you want the Director's number so you can complain about it? Go for it, asshole. (This also went on for seven days.)

3. Yes, it's finally here. Oh, you don't have your card OR your ID? We can't let you have it. Nope, not even if you whine. Not even if you yell. Nope, not even if you threaten (to get me fired). Nope, nope, nope. And what's more, I won't even confirm that it's the one you've been waiting on, because - privacy issues. Sucks to be you. Oh, you want the Director's number so you can complain that I'm doing my job per his instructions? Good luck with that, asssshole. (Or, you could, you know, just go home and get your damn library card.)

::adds another patron to the list of 'I'm not going to wait on that asshole again' glory:: That list? Is the one where I get up and leave the desk when I see them. It includes the woman who called the police on me when I asked her to lower her voice on her prohibited cell phone call, the hateful woman who stands at the desk and curses at me every time she comes in, the guy who caused a 45-minute scene because we wouldn't give him his way - after we'd told him no on the phone before he came over, and the guy who tried to get me to go out with him for months after I'd politely told him I wasn't interested and - by the way - was happily married. It's an elite list, you see.

Just fyi, if you see a library worker with a fixed smile and narrowed eyes, you'll know that in their head, your village is in flames.


Oct. 14th, 2014

Halloween Hair
Sorry; I've been under the radar. Lots going on. Well, I say "lots" - more like, "I have important shows to watch and books to read". ::shrug:: I've also done some writing on "Gnaw Bones", which is good. I've discovered some new music, too, but that's a whole different post.


Right now, we're looking at a December start for our library's renovation (during which we'll not only be closed, but I'll be doing nothing but processing (lot of re-labeling lined up, oy.) Supposedly, the Korean dramas which I purchased (with my own money) and donated will actually get cataloged during the closure (because right now, they're sitting in a pile on the librarian's desk - having to build a whole bib record means nobody wants to do it. Meanwhile, I am dying because I want to press them on patrons, but I can't.)


The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley. Dude, this woman is one of the best world-builders out there. Her characters are fully-realized, the cultures are rich and distinct, and her plots are intricate and engrossing. Also, really violent. If you're a "cross-brainer" like me, you'll adore her books.

In Dark Service by Stephen Hunt. Same guy who wrote "Court of the Air" and its sequels. Another fantastic tale of adventure and excitement, with complex moral themes, staggeringly awesome world-building, and more colorful characters than you can shake a stick at. Read it.

Hidden by Benedict Jacka. An 'Alex Verus' novel - more magick and political manuevering and down-and-out mages. Kind of a poor man's Dresden (don't let that description put you off; they're fun.)

Upcoming Books I'm All Excited About:

Jacaranda by Cherie Priest. She's one of my very favorite writers, and this looks like more steampunky fun. (Due out in Jan.)

The Just City by Jo Walton. Nuff said. Also due out in January.

The Whispering Storm by Michael Moorcock - yes, a new book by him! First in, what, ten years? How exciting!

Soul of the Fire by Eliot Pattinson - another in his Tibetan series; beautiful and disturbing mysteries set in Tibet during the 80's, featuring a Chinese detective who is a former political prisoner. Sometimes difficult reading, but very absorbing.

Television I'm Hooked on This Fall:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Holy cow, they are killing me with this Fitz-Simmons storyline. ::clutches heart:: Right in the fangirl.

Possessed (Also known as 'Hon' or 'Soul'): Korean show about a girl who can not only see ghosts, but who gets possessed by them. Sort of. Part ghost story, part murder mystery, part revenge fantasy...super-duper CREE. PEE. (Available on Hulu)

My Secret Hotel: Korean murder mystery with a side of divorced-couple-reunites-or-do-they? Any show that starts with a dead body dropping onto a wedding is gonna be on my thumbs-up list.

Blade Man: Korean. Ok, I know this sounds stupid, but hear me out. It's about a guy who can sprout literal knives from his body when he's angry or upset. It's very comic-book-esque, and there's a heart to it. Very tender story which explains the seriously freaking weird superpower. Lots of martial arts. Just trust me.

Misfits: British show about teenage criminals sentenced to community service who get struck by lightning and develop really crappy superpowers. Hilarious, and yet, kind of creepy. Five seasons worth on Hulu, though I'm still in S1.

Grimm. Starts back up next week!!! Monsters and snark!! Oh, Monroe, I missed you!

Television I Tried and Couldn't Get Into

Gotham: Eh. The only reason to watch is the baby penguin (geez, that guy is creepy) and future Comissioner Gordon.

Sleepy Hollow: There's only so much that can be covered with snark and a long coat, y'all.

Gracepoint: It's ok. I'd just rather go watch Broadchurch again.

I really need to update my icon.

All Doctors
Oh, 12. I do believe that you and I are going to get on famously.


Aug. 19th, 2014

We're buying a car today. Manly's car died the true death last month, so we've been scrabbling around for a replacement - finally found a halfway decent used car - a 2011 Honda Fit with about 40,000 miles on it. It's a good price - just under $12,000. It gets about 28 mpg, so the gas savings should pay for about 1/4 of the monthly payment. Not too shabby.

I'm not happy about having a car payment again, but whaddya gonna do? The public transit in this town sucks, and we live in the next town over from where I work and the kids go to school (and Manly works way up in the north county), so we're stuck needing two cars.

At least we'll have a cute car in addition to the Mom-mobile.

Aug. 15th, 2014

Halloween Hair
It thundered all night long like Thor was having a pissing match with Zeus. Good grief.

Better Living Through Chemistry

A Fine Day...for Science!
So a couple of weeks ago, my doctor upped my antidepressant dosage, and suddenly - I feel normal. Catching a glimpse of the news is no longer like tossing a weighted shadow on my heart. I actually want to do things. I'm making what I call 'daisy-chains' in my head (little scraps of stories that I weave together as mental occupation. They don't really mean anything, but they help me stay creative) - I haven't done that, well, since Dad died, really.

I'm also not completely exhausted, all the time anymore - so was that all the depression? Really? That explains a lot, I guess. Yay, science! ::shakes pill bottle::

Adventures in other languages

Because of my Korean-television obsession, I've kind of gotten interested in learning Korean - mostly, I admit, so I don't have to wait for subtitles. (And by the way, Korean is super-hard for English speakers, because it's a whole 'nuther alphabet and weird grammatical rules.) I've been sloooowly but surely learning a bit at a time (will have to make flashcards for the alphabet, though, because it's just too different.)

The biggest help is, of course, watching television, because not only do I hear the natural pronunciation and usage, but it's constantly accompanied by subtitles which give me context. However, in starting to learn the alphabet, I've discovered the whys of many things I wondered about. For example: some Korean words are alllllmost the same as their English counterparts. "Coffee" was pronounced "Cup-pi", and "Sofa" was pronounced "Sopa", while "Dress" was pronounced "Dur-ess-eh" and "crayon" as "Kur-ay-ong". Why? Well, for starters, there's no "F" in Korean, so 'p' is substituted, and Korean doesn't allow two consonants together - each syllable has to have a vowel and a consonant, so there's no way to say "Dr" in "Dress" (you have to add a vowel sound in there to make the complete syllable.) It was like a light bulb went on right over my head. Ohhhhhh, I get it.

Of course, what I really ought to be learning is Russian, because our library has a bazillion immigrants/visitors from Eastern Europe, and our Russian speaker on staff is nearing retirement age (I don't know what we'll do when she retires, because she speaks like six languages, and the rest of us are goobers who only speak one.) To my knowledge, we have no Korean patrons. The aforementioned Russian speakers, a couple of families from China, some from Vietnam, bunch of folks who speak Spanish, some Arabic speakers, and a smattering of French speakers...but none for the obscure language I'm learning for kicks. ::throws up hands::

Aug. 9th, 2014

reading is fundamental
This weekend, I've read "Steelheart"by Brandon Sanderson and "Ysabel"by Guy Gavriel Kay. I also got a "Learn Korean" book which seems fairly well-organized (and which reportedly comes with an audio pronunciation guide) - interestingly enough, you can't directly translate my real first name to Korean, because it doesn't have a way to pronounce two consonants together (like "prom" - the "pr" would have to have a vowel inserted between them.) Weird.

Now that I've worked my way through the books I have, it's time to find some new ones for the trip home tomorrow. To the library website!

Aug. 8th, 2014

Halloween Hair
I'm up at Mom's retrieving the youngest girlchild - so far, I've installed Mom's new modem, and hooked up her printer. Tomorrow I get to troubleshoot her problems with Netflix. I did not realize that I was coming up here for computer support.

On the up side, taking care of her modem meant I could watch my show tonight, so I'm pretty happy about it. :)

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